Student Registration

Written on 01/30/2025
Pastor David

The Student Release Form is now a Google Form!  Click the link below to access the form which takes less than 5 minutes to fill out.  All information is confidential and protected.  Please read the Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy before filling out the form.

Student Release Form


Code of Conduct

(Adopted November 29th 2016)

  1. I will respect myself, other people, property, and the church
  2. I will be an encourager, not one who ridicules, makes fun of, or criticizes.
  3. I will deal peacefully with anger and disagreements.
  4. I will participate and contribute in a positive way in all group activities and obey the instructions of the youth ministry staff.
  5. During services and Bible studies I will show respect by not causing disruptions and not talking unless called on to respond.
  6. I will use language that reflects a Christian attitude. I will not use curse words or other foul language.
  7. I will maintain my witness by keeping my hands to myself: no tickling, wrestling, piggyback rides or inappropriate touching.
  8. In addition, physical displays of affection such as kissing, sitting on laps, and lying or sleeping next to each other are inappropriate and being isolated or alone with another student is not allowed.
  9. I will wear modest clothing.  No clothing that is sexually suggestive or spiritually degrading.  This will not be tolerated. In addition, no midriffs, no low cut tops, and no see through clothing.  No sagging pants where underwear can be seen.  Ladies must wear one-piece bathing suits, or modest tankinis. If you wear a two-piece, you must wear a shirt (yes, even in the pool).
  10. I will not use cell phones, iPods, cameras or other personal electronic or entertainment devices during youth activities and services, unless specifically granted by Ministry Leaders. Special rules apply to trips: Bringing these devices on trips is allowed, however according to the needs of the trip, is sometimes prohibited. On some trips the devices are allowed but may only be used during designated times.
  11. I will stay with the group at all times. For example, if we are having a meeting in the youth room, I will not leave the youth room.
  12. I will not leave any activity, service, or trip before its published ending time without approval from a parent or guardian “in person” or by phone.
  13. I understand that teen drivers are not allowed to carry other teen passengers to a youth ministry meeting, activity, or trip without prior written consent from a parent or guardian. Sibling passengers are at the discretion of the parents and do not require written consent. (There is a form available to students who wish to drive to certain events.)
  14. I will not possess a gun, long blade knife, or any other weapon at any youth ministry activity at the church or away. Small pocket knives are permitted.  If it is used in any form or fashion that the staff deems inappropriate, you will be asked to hand over the knife or leave. 
  15. I will not use, possess or be under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other illegal drugs at any youth ministry activity.
  16. I will not engage in sexual intimacy or sexual harassment, and will not possess pornography at any youth activity.
  17. I have read the Code of Conduct and agree to abide them.


Discipline Policy

(Adopted November 29th 2016)

This policy describes the method to be used by staff for disciplinary action for students.  During these steps, the staff will be trying to have communication with the student outside of youth to find a solution.

Step 1: Encourage

            We will always try hard to encourage the student to make smart decisions during youth meetings.  A simple nod or “hey, lets try to calm down a bit” will be used first.  Sometimes students need to know how to harness all that energy!

Step 2: Clearly point it out

            “Dude, its time to stop.”

Step 3: Pull student aside

            This will be a serious talk with the student outside of the room.  This will be done by any of the upper level staff members that the Student Ministry Pastor allows.

Step 4: Contact Parents

            Parents will be notified of  disciplinary issues.

Step 5: Parent Conference

            The Student Ministry Pastor will sit down with the parents and discuss the problems and how 4 steps have been taken, which shows the seriousness of the situation.  Consequences also become involved at this point.  The student will be asked to not participate in certain activities till they have a realization of the acting out and give an apology to the Student Ministry Pastor.  They will be notified of the next step in the process as well.

Step 6: Removal

            The student may be prohibited from attending youth any further if the problems have not be fixed after the consequences set at the parent conference.  This is a LAST RESORT and does not mean that the student may never return.  If the student wishes to return, they may speak with the Student Ministry Pastor and develop a plan to return.