Article #1 - Learning the Word, Living the Word, Leading others to do the same.

Written on 01/08/2018
Pastor Bean

Okay, so this is more of a test article than anything else, but I hope to still draw you in so that you will read it. And I suppose before I write on any other topic, I might do well to explain just what in the world is Bean's Beanery . Why would I use such a name for a blog? Well, here goes then...

In essence a "beanery" is a cafe, a greasy spoon, a snackbar, or a typical smaller eatery of sorts. It is a place where you can get a quick meal. And while some use blogs for elaborate articles that would lend themselves to be categoried by "volumes" it is my intention to utilize this tool to give a brief, but nonetheless meaty and nutritious, bite of the Word of God. My desire is to give you [my readers] something that will cause you to hunger for more...and perhaps that you will not only hunger for more here (meaning that you just can't wait til I write again), but that what gives you a taste of God's Word here will prompt further study on your own.

Ezra was an Old Testament priest and scribe who led the second group of Jews out of Babylonian captivity and back to Jerusalem, sixty years after the first group had returned. An inspiring book of the Bible, Chapter 7:9b-10 summarized what I believe was Ezra's modus operandi--his mode of operation--and reminds us of God's power: "...The good hand of his God was upon him. For  Ezra  had set his heart to study the law of the Lord, and to practice it, and to teach His statutes and ordinances in Israel."

Why was God's good hand upon Ezra? That little 3-letter word "For" that begins v. 10 tells us why. Certainly any nation who desires to rebuild, i.e. experience spiritual revival, must begin with a return to the Lord and His Word/His Ways. This is in no way a legalistic reference to getting back to a list of the "Do's & Don't's" you might have finally relinquished to find some so-called freedom from religion. In that sense, both the religion and the freedom are counterfeit. By "return to the Lord" I simply mean a return to a relationship with Him, and inherent in that is a return to do things (doing life) His way.

Ezra was a man of God who led God's people to return and re-establish Israel on the basis of God's Word. And here's the thing...the catalyst was one man! So when it comes to revival, take out that piece of chalk and draw a circle around yourself. Then ask God to begin revival right there within the perimeter of that circle, with you.

It has become my personal mission--one I would like to invite you to partake of--to become a man like Ezra: A man who knows the good hand of God because I am Learning the Word, Living the Word, and Leading Others to do the Same. (My personal mission statement adapted and adopted from Ezra 7:10)

Grace to you!